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Cretan Olive Wood Company

Established in 2018, Cretan Olive Wood Company specializes in the manufacture of kitchen and gift products made of strong and durable olive wood.

Genuine Cretan Olive Wood products

Select a genuine Cretan Olive Wood product that will serve you for a long time or offer it as a valuable gift. Olive wood is beautiful, highly durable but most importantly a healthier alternative from silicon and plastic products.

cretan olive wood

Cretan Olive Wood

Cretan Olive Wood Company produces olive wood utensils, olive wood bowls, olive wood cutting boards, high quality smoking olive wood for BBQ and much more. Olive Wood is a valuable, strongand hard type of wood, products made from olive wood will last a lifetime if are properly looked after.

Products made from Cretan natural olive tree wood

Cretan Olive Wood Company produces olive wood products made of high quality Cretan olive wood. All products are natural, only coated with olive oil, no chemicals are applied.

Olive wood products impress with the typical wood grain, pleasant smell and often have a silky-smooth surface, are highly durable, practical and a healthier alternative to other wooden products.

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Please browse our catalogue to see our ranges of olive wood cutting boards, cheese and serving boards, olive wood utensils, olive wood bowls, olive wood gifts and more.

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