cretan olive wood

We specialize in the manufacture of kitchen, and gift products made of strong & durable Olive Wood.

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locally grown olive wood


All products made by Cretan Olive Wood Company are from olive trees grown in Crete. Indeed, one could reasonably assert that the whole of Cretan-Greek civilization was established upon the branches of this humble tree.

eco friendly products


All Cretan Olive Wood products are eco friendly; each item is made only from fallen olive trees. All products are natural, only coated with olive oil, no chemicals are applied.

gmo free trees


Cretan Olive Wood Company uses wood from only GMO free trees. Our processes promote healthier growth for the trees and generate environmental stability.

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If you take Greece apart, In the end you will be left with an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat...which means that with these items you can rebuild Greece...
Odysseas Elytis, Nobel Prize for Literature
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